:Xiang'an Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University to open this year


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Xiamen’s first volunteer team against school bullying officially established


Jointly directed by the Xiamen Municipal Government and Xiamen University, the Xiang'an Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University (referred to as the Xiang'an Hospital) has had its outdoor decoration completed, and is expected to start operating in the 2nd half of 2018.
Designated as a Level-3 comprehensive facility, the Xiang'an Hospital is located at the junction of Xiang'an South Road and Xiang'an East Road. The hospital's interior decoration is almost completed, and the installation of all the medical devices, air conditioners and other equipment is underway.


The phase I of the project covers a total floor area of 119,000 square meters, with a built-up area of 152,000 square meters. The hospital's different buildings will include one for outpatients, two for inpatients, one for emergencies, a medical technology center, and a science and education building.


Upon completion, the Xiang'an Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University is expected to have 500 beds available and 27 clinical departments, which will be a significant improvement to medical services in this district. As of now, more than 400 medical staff have already been recruited.

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